Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Day Well Spent

Today I feel as if I might be getting a cold. My body aches and the idea of getting up and going to the studio seems arduous. But I will go because I know that when I get there I'll come to life. I'll enter the sunlit room and I'll open the windows and the easterly breezes will begin to flow, and in the distance I'll look at the blue ocean and at Buck Island and I'll begin to feel better.

Then I'll study this new quilt I'm creating and I'll assess the work I did yesterday and I'll take it to the sewing machine and pick up where I left off. And as I start machine stitching, all thoughts will drift by, like those easterly breezes, and I'll forget about the aches. And before I know it, the afternoon will be ending and with it, my session for the day. And the 10-minute drive home will be the time to get back to regular living and feeding the cat and making dinner. And sometime while getting ready for bed, I'll be amazed at how fast the day went, but also at how every minute of it was well spent.



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