Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hovensa: Beginning to Say Good Bye

Within the next couple of months life on St. Croix will change.  Hovensa, the oil refinery, will close its doors for good.  Hovensa‚Äôs presence over the past 40 years has helped shape life on the island in ways large and small.  By employing a couple of thousand people, Hovensa has been a major employer on island.  It has been a generous sponsor of scholarships, charitable and civic organizations, and public events.  Fuel prices on island have been slightly less expensive, and many restaurants, hotels and other commercial enterprises rely on business from Hovensa to stay afloat.
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So when April comes around and the doors close, there is no telling what the overall effect on the island will be.  For now, employees and contractors are forced to look off-island for new jobs. 
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Our dear friend is one such person.  His industriousness and proactive attitude landed him a great job very quickly.  And so this past weekend we gathered together for a wonderful dinner to say congratulations.  A champagne toast to wish him well.
We found local lobster straight from the fishermen.
And paired it with steaks on the grill.
Lots of red wine and good conversation.
And then a bonfire and the hope that our friend will come back home real soon.

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