Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Back in a Time Warp

I traveled to NJ in that limbo space between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and now that I'm back in St. Croix it's taking me a while to get my bearings. In New Jersey I experienced the usual cold snap, the ensuing cold and bout of bronchitis, the ubiquitous lighted decorations to make up for the shortened days, the exaggerated commercialization and rush and expectation in the countdown to Christmas.

Here in St. Croix there is no wood smoke in the air, no belighted pines on front yards, no warm scarves to keep out the cold. The breezes are refreshing, the trees are green and lush, the sun is bright and the Christmas carols on the radio sound out of synch. Monday is Christmas and I can't seem to muster that sense of anticipation, much less a coherent plan for dinner and a way to spend the holiday. Without family here, traditions go out the window. And yet, I know that we and our friends will come together and find our own meaningful way to celebrate a year of good fellowship in which our friendships carried us through fun as well as difficult times, the same way that families do.



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