Sunday, January 20, 2008

Krewe de Barkus Dog Parade

The spirit of Mardi Gras is alive and well here on St. Croix thanks to an enthusiastic crowd who yearly organize a series of "Mardi Croix" festivities. One such is the Krewe de Barkus dog parade which took place yesterday on the boardwalk in downtown Christiansted, to benefit the St. Croix Animal Shelter.

Proud owners parade their dogs in fine Mardi Gras regalia. Here are some notables:

Winner of the Funniest Costume, this little guy was a Rasta reveler, donning beads and a dreadlock hat that refused to stay on top of his head and became a dreadlock bib instead.

Winner of Best Overall were the Frenchies in flawless fashion.

Cutest and youngest, this 5-week old pup was rescued the day before, just in time to make the festivities.

Most spirited was this happy-go-lucky paraplegic dog, sporting all the flags of St. Croix around his wheelchair.

This trendy pooch had the best looking jeans in the crowd.

Our friend Michele and her son's dog in true Mardi Gras style.

And here, with a pair of two-legged canines and a stuffed doggie in his pouch, is our very own Dr. Hess, the best Vet on St. Croix, as voted by the local paper for several years running. My cat Calypso can vouch for this.

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