Monday, April 27, 2009

Anatomy of a Sun

For me, the sun is a frequent subject of contemplation. In my artistic endeavors I sometimes ponder how to portray on fabric this magnificent source of light, how to capture the energy of this titan that is indispensable and hazardous all at once; giver and taker; the rightful subject of mysticism throughout the ages.

The ancients have personified the sun as a king with a shining crown and as a deity riding a chariot across the sky. My favorite characterization of the sun comes from Hindu religious literature, in which the sun is considered a visible form of God that we can see every day.

I'm working on a small sun quilt. Here's my attempt at capturing the sun using a simple fabric collage. The quilting of it will come later.

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Blogger petrita said...

Hola Chica I love the color. Remind me of my afternoons in F'sted, STX by the beach between sep. and dic. that the sun when down early.><}}}}}}:>

7:27 PM  

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