Sunday, November 12, 2006

Where's the Beach???

Outside of the tropics there is this idea that people who live here spend the bulk of their time "liming it," that is, with drink in hand poolside on a chaise lounge or under a palm tree at the beach. It's been weeks since I've actually been to the beach to swim and relax. It's not for lack of interest but simply because I haven't had the time.

Take this weekend, for instance. My husband and I are property managers of a villa here in St. Croix that is rented out to private groups for vacation. We had guests arriving yesterday (Saturday), so the entire day was devoted to overseeing the cleaning crew and taking care of the many details in preparation for the guest arrival. The guests were scheduled to arrive at 6:00 p.m. on the seaplane from St. Thomas. As is customary, I drove over to the seaplane to meet them and escort them back to the villa. When I got there I discovered that the flight had been canceled and my guests would be arriving at 7:30 p.m. on the ferry. I went home, had dinner and cancelled our plans to meet our friends at Chicken Charlie's Road House to watch Outlaw Bressie James perform. They are a great bluesy/southern rock type band that we very much enjoy seeing.

Today I was busy most of the day putting the final stitches on 2 quilts that I plan to submit tomorrow to an exhibit (more on that later). In a few minutes we will be off to drop off John and Adele at the airport and then we're going to meet other friends for dinner.

Life goes on just as fast in the tropics as anywhere else. But here, and this makes all the difference, at any moment we can bring it all to a screeching halt, put on our bathing suits and in a matter of minutes we could be under that palm tree with a rum cocktail in hand.



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