Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice

Although "winter" here gives us a dimmer sun and slightly shortened daylight hours, today being the shortest day of the year is a fact that bears little overt significance in the tropics.

In New Jersey I used to observe the winter solstice as a time to prepare for the deep freeze of winter and the resulting period of introspection and reflection. I was like a bear preparing for hibernation. With the short gray days, my energy was low and my need to sleep was gargantuan. I remember dragging myself out of bed at 8 a.m. and being ready to succumb back in bed at 7 p.m. Writing and cooking hearty soups were the only activities that seemed worth pursuing.

My winters are very different now, with abundant fresh air and sunshine. I don't need to be in bed half the day, though I always cherish a full night of sleep, a good writing session and a hearty bowl of soup.

Today I will still observe the Winter Solstice. I won't be burrowing away under thick blankets waiting for the thaw, but I'll be retreating into the studio for a period of quiet creativity. And just knowing that I'll have the opportunity to hibernate in such a delightful way is enough reason to celebrate!

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Anonymous Rhea said...

Have a peaceful winter solstice! (I'm a former NJ resident, too.)

5:24 PM  
Anonymous maria said...

Well, it was in the 50s here today ... so I was practically doing somersaults. Really, while I am a chronic whiner when it comes to cold/winter weather, I think we've had a fantastic fall, weather-wise. Not the tropics, but not the typical NJ doldrums, either. And I didn't notice the huge dip in energy this year that I always get.

... or maybe that's because I was too busy to notice.

I'm just hoping we don't pay for all of this come January. :-)

9:56 PM  

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