Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poseidon's Dream Pouch

Here's my latest project. It brings out the mystic in me.

The Dream Pouch holds your dream, creating a place in the world on which to focus your creative energy to help your dream come true. The idea comes from the ancient days of Atlantis.

Here's the legend of the Dream Pouch:

Before the days of Avalon, back to Atlantean times, people of renown, artisans, crafts people, religious people even, all carried a Dream Pouch or more. It is said that the great Poseidon, protector of Atlantis, created 12 Dream Pouches for the first 12 Atlanteans. These pouches carried the 12 great virtues: love, kindness, compassion, humility, grace, devotion, joy, forgiveness, harmony, balance, responsibility and prosperity. Poseidon himself decreed that Dream Pouches hold only unconditionally loving dreams, or dreams that in some way reflect the 12 virtues.

It became tradition for the High Priestess of Atlantis to create the Dream Pouches, and in a ritual, to have them blessed by Poseidon. Through the act of acquiring a Dream Pouch, Atlanteans welcomed the blessings, protection and ancient wisdom of Poseidon in their quest to turn their dreams into reality.

In the tradition of the High Priestess of Atlantis, I create each Dream Pouch and perform a ritual asking Poseidon to fill the Dream Pouch with the energy and wisdom of Atlantis. The ritual imbues the Dream Pouch with the intent of helping its owner develop a clear mind, a strong purpose and the courage to take action to fulfill their dream.

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