Monday, November 13, 2006

Parrotfish for Good Hope

It was pouring rain today as I drove down to the west end of the island to the Good Hope School to deliver four art quilts that I am submitting in application for the annual Caribbean Art Exhibit at the school in February. It's the largest and best-attended exhibit on the island. This past February when I went to see it, there wasn't a single art quilt in the exhibit, and I set myself the goal of entering their next exhibit. If I am accepted it will be the first time that I will exhibit my work anywhere, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

It was the August sailing trip this year that inspired me to create art quilts with the coral reef as a theme. In September I completed two small quilts and almost finished one more. Then October found me busy preparing my new studio and no quilts were created in that month. But since the studio was ready for work two weeks ago, I've been busy finishing the third quilt and creating a new one. This last one I called Parrotfish because I used the lovely Parrotfish as my inspiration.

The style of this quilt is one that I developed on my own, and it took three tries before I got it to work. All this trial and error took time, and all along I could feel the clock ticking towards today's deadline for the Good Hope Exhibit. I could have let it go and submitted the other quilts, but I really wanted to finish this quilt in time, so I worked at it until this afternoon, and delivered my goods just two hours before the deadline. Phew!

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