Thursday, December 28, 2006

Mini Wallet/Biz Card Holder

Here is the promised photo of the mini wallet/business card holder that I've been creating with Olga's help. It's small enough to fit in the back pocket of your jeans when you don't want to carry a handbag, or it goes in your handbag as a nifty place for your business cards. It can fit business cards, credit cards or folded bills. When you pull on the little ribbon tag, the contents slide up for easy access. The photo shows the front and back sides.

I've designed it, created the prototype and selected all the fabrics to be used for this project. Olga has helped me to cut all the materials and now they are waiting for me to begin sewing it all up. My goal is to begin selling these at the Good Hope Art Exhibit in February. If they sell, then I'll try to sell them at gift boutiques around the island.

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Anonymous maria said...

SO cute and funky Jamila! Nice work. I love the colors.

Good luck gearing up for your first event -- that should be fun! ;-)

9:33 PM  

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