Saturday, February 24, 2007

Whale Watching

I'm typing this while on a whale watch by my window looking out towards the water on the north shore of the island. Sometimes whales swim this way and we've developed an unofficial alert system along the north shore. When Frank from Frank's Lobster Reef spots whales from his seaside restaurant, he calls Adele at Villa Margarita, who then calls us. Other alert systems get activated because we then see boats coming out of the Salt River Marina to deeper waters to catch sight of the whales.

From Frank's sighting in La Vallee, near Cane Bay, to our spot along Salt River Bay there's about a 40 minute wait. I've kept my eye on the water and was rewarded a few minutes ago with the sight of a few hearty splashes and a glimpse of a dark torso breaking the surface of the water. I'm happy just to have seen the splashing about because there's only one word to describe the message these whales bring to me: pure joy. And what an awesome thing it is to be in such a majestic presence.

One of the boats out there got a very good show because all the splashing happened just a few hundred feet away. Here's a photo of that lucky boat and the view from our place:

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