Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whale Wonderment

I spent the summer pondering where to go next in my creative journey. I wanted the proverbial breath of fresh air, new inspiration, something to capture my imagination and lure me into the depths of artistic exploration.

It took a trip north to Skagway, Alaska, for me to find my muse in the majesty of whales frolicking in the cold waters of the Lynn Canal. What a sight it was, a pod of 15 humpbacks whooshing, calling out to each other, high-tailing it and then, in unison, soaring above the water, pink mouths wide open, feasting on fish and glee and companionship. And later, a pod of about 24 orcas jumping about in pairs, while we on the boat stood in silent wonder listening to their song.

And so I'm back in the tropics enthralled with the memory of these giants, wanting more than anything to capture their splendor on fabric in a riot of color and texture. Here's my first humble attempt:

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