Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Christiansted Bypass

They began discussing it as a project back in the 1970’s, so it came as a surprise to St. Croix residents when actual construction began in 2007.  And then it was even more surprising when work was completed and the Christiansted bypass opened in January of this year.  

click on any photo to enlarge.
It cost US$37 million to carve out a 1.2-mile strip through a rocky hill on the outskirts of town.
Why was this project so significant that it wouldn’t die despite its exorbitant cost?  Because all traffic going to the eastern half of the island had no choice but to funnel through the narrow streets of downtown Christiansted.  It was a pain; it could take you an extra 5 to 10 minutes to get through!
Now we can reach the East End in first-world highway splendor.
  And there’s a lookout point to boot!


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Sunday, May 19, 2013

SMAC (Sun Moon Alignment Celebration)

A while ago, my very smart husband, Bob, figured out that during the full moon, the sun sets and the moon rises within minutes of each other.  And since St. Croix is the perfect spot to watch such a phenomenon, we turned it into a celebration.
And since Bob is an AGKG (Acronym Generating Kinda Guy), he named it SMAC (Sun Moon Alignment Celebration).
So, every once in a full moon, we head out to a suitable hill with 180-degree views, and we bring cocktails and appetizers in tow (bubbly always preferred).
And celebrate the majesty of the sun setting over the Maroon hills in the west
And a little while later, the full moon rising over Buck Island in the east.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Fish

I’ve been swimming in fish.
 Happy fish I made of fabric and beads and sequins.
 They bring a message
 And an invitation
These happy fish are available for sale at Kulcha Shop, 1A Market Street, in Frederiksted, St. Croix.

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The Real Annaly Bay

I discovered recently that the tide pools I visited back in 2008 (see this post) were not in Annaly Bay but in nearby Wills Bay.  (click on photo to enlarge)
I, and others I’ve spoken with, had been under the impression that the Trumbull Trail which begins behind the Carambola Resort, led to Annaly Bay, because when people mention “the tide pools” there is the automatic assumption that tide pools means Annaly Bay.  In fact, I learned that there are a number of tide pools along the northwest corner of St. Croix, with Annaly Bay being the best known.  Since learning about my misconception, I’ve been eager to go see the real Annaly Bay, and when the St. Croix Hiking Association led a hike last month to Annaly Bay, I jumped on the opportunity to go.
We met Olasee Davis, our guide, in Frederiksted and car pooled in pickup trucks up to the top of the ridge overlooking Annaly Bay. A 4-wheel drive vehicle is a must for those who come by car.
From the top of this ridge at about 700 feet above sea level, we hiked down a steep dirt road into the bay.  This hike is relatively short but the return uphill is strenuous!
Arriving at Annaly Bay we see St. Croix’s north Shore to the East
And the Maroons and Ham’s Bluff to the West.
Hiking around the rocky shoreline is a must to get to the tide pools.
A dip in the natural tide pools makes the effort worthwhile.

Under rough seas, these tide pools have proved treacherous for swimmers.
We had calm waters
And spectacular views.

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