Friday, March 05, 2010

Good Hope Art Exhibit

Last month I showed five pieces at the Twenty-Third Annual Caribbean Fine Art Exhibit at The Good Hope School here on St. Croix. Here is the result of many hours contemplating fabric, color, texture, form, and overall feel. These pieces represent to me a tribute to the inspired life, where it isn't so much about the final product, but about those hours surrendering to the creative spirit.

Marlena (41"x55"). She's the big version of the little quilt I made last summer.


Coral Confetti (27"x27"). This guy took me a year to figure out. I'm happy with the results, and so is the patron who bought it.

Slow Tide at Sunset (17"x37"). This one also sold at the Exhibit.


Fantastic Fish 3 (22"x16.5"). Part of the Fantastic Fish series begun last year.

Fantastic Fish 4 (20"X17"). Ditto.


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