Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Christmas Boat Parade

It's hard to conjure up the spirit of Christmas in 80F degree weather. There is no smell of pine or the crisp snow air, or cozy hats and mittens and sweaters to snuggle into. But here on St. Croix there is one event that for me brings out the best that Christmas has to offer: a happy and harmonious coming together of a diverse community.

Before sunset, half the island population convenes along the waterfront on Christiansted Harbor.

And when the darkness settles in, there begins a parade of boats decked out in lights.

They look like floating Christmas trees.

And along the waterfront, the crowds go wild with cheers.

This was a crowd favorite, and mine too!

And when the parade ends, the fireworks begin.

And it was my luck that my beautiful friend and photographer extraordinaire, Kelly Greer, was at the scene with her camera and a fancy lens that captured the lights and the nuances of the night sky. To check out more of Kelly's awesome photography, visit www.kellygreerphotographer.com.

thank you, Kelly!

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Blogger Louise said...

What fun! We enjoyed our boat parade, too. There's something about twinkling lights in the darkness that is so cheerful.

10:43 PM  

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