Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And now the emptying...

These past few weeks have been fun, exhilarating at times, and very empowering as I've watched my dream of having my own art studio come alive. I've been on overdrive with the studio, quilting, blogging, getting ready for guests at the villa, and participating in our active social life. But the time has come for slowing down the pace and entering a period of introspection and renewal. This is not a choice that I make arbitrarily, but one that my body and soul demand of me if I pay attention to the signs.

Today, not having the deadline of the art exhibit hanging over me, I began to relax. I let myself sleep late and then I moved in slow motion throughout the day, doing only the most basic chores and thinking about nothing in particular. I went to the beach and sat by the water, taking in the cleansing magnetism of the waves. I closed my eyes and imagined myself taking off layer after layer of responsibility, of attachment, of wants, of fears, of anything that was cluttering my thoughts and emotions. I didn't stop until I felt good and empty.

I plan to stay this way, empty, silent, slow, for a while longer. I need this emptiness right now to balance all the activity of the recent past. Soon, I will be recharged again, but there will also be lots of room for new creativity, new ideas, new quilts...



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