Monday, January 08, 2007

Project 365

My friend Maria fell off the blog wagon for a while at the end of last year, busy as she was selling her fabulous jewelry during the holiday rush. But now she's back with renewed vigor as she is participating in something called Project 365. The idea is that you take a photo every day for 365 days. I can see how the creative juices can start flowing with this simple project, and as Maria has always been a great source of inspiration in my life, she's done it again!

I picked up my camera today and took a photo of Oscar, one of the many lizards that hangs out at our house. While I fumbled with the camera getting it to focus properly, Oscar just watched me and waited, not minding the flash or my getting the camera right up to his face.

I can't promise to participate in Project 365 because I'm a very bad photographer and I can tell it may become a source of unwanted stress. But Maria has inspired me to take more photos because there is so much beauty here that it simply begs to be photographed, even by a bad shot like me!



Anonymous maria said...

He's so cute! What a poser! Hee heee :-)

Looking forward to more pics on your blog.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Marilyn said...

Ooooh, I miss the geckos...we loved them. There was a gecko who would show up on our balacony at dusk and sit under a chair where my mate would sit to remove his work boots. I swear that darn gecko knew he was coming. He'd sit down, remove his boots and look under the chair and chat with the gecko for a minute. Next night, same thing. It went on for MONTHS. :)

12:56 AM  

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