Monday, March 05, 2007

Limin' on Cane Bay

Sunday is definitely Fun Day here on St. Croix. Although I spent the morning finishing a new quilt for the upcoming exhibit at the St. George Botanical Garden, I was ready to come out and play in the afternoon. Here's my husband Bob's account of our visit to Cane Bay, as e-mailed to our friend Rich G.:

"Things are lovely on STX. We spent the afternoon limin' on Cane Bay Beach. We brought books to read, but it was so interesting watching people, and listening to live bar bands, and vehicular sound systems, that we just sat and enjoyed the sights and sounds. We were planning to check out Off The Wall for dinner. It was closed for many months and just re-opened. But then a waiter from Spratnet, a restaurant way over on the west end of the beach, walked over and asked us if we needed anything, so we said, 'How 'bout a pig roast dinner?' and he said, 'Sure,' so he brought that over and we never had to get out of our chairs."

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