Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Two Turtles

Here's one of the quilts that I exhibited at Maufe Gallery last month. I'd designed a panel with the two turtles thinking that I'd make a big quilt with various panels of sea creatures. The big quilt never came to be, but I still wanted to complete the two turtles for the show. The panel sat unfinished on my design wall while I worked on the various other pieces. I'd look at it every day wondering what to do with it. It sat there for 2 months until I was able to devote to it some undivided attention.
I knew it wanted a vibrant border, but what exactly, I couldn't decipher. I don't think that I ever had an "a ha!" moment with this one. The border just sort of happened, and then the quilting inside, and then it was finished. I like this quilt but I don't have a complete feeling about it. Actually, it's not a complete feeling about the quilt, but about the turtles. I've always seen myself making a whole series of turtle quilts. And now that I'm writing about it here I understand that this incomplete feeling comes from the turtles because they are not done with me yet!

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Blogger Louise said...

Lovely, just lovely. I'm glad to hear the turtles aren't done with you and looking forward to seeing more.

7:29 PM  

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