Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Let it Rain!

It's a rainy morning here on the big island, and perhaps only the tourists are disappointed with the weather. We've had a drought for a couple of months and everything is parched. The hills are brown and vulnerable to brush fires, there is a coating of dust on windows and cars, and the water cisterns are running low.

Unless you live in the center of town, most houses here collect rain water in massive tanks called cisterns. It gets purified and turned into tap water for cooking, showering, etc. When the cistern runs low and there is no rain, people call in the water trucks to replenish the cisterns. We've been seeing those water trucks everywhere and at all hours. I spotted one near Cane Bay on Sunday night at about 9:30 p.m.

We've been checking our cisterns periodically, and as we watch the levels drop, we're keeping our fingers crossed that the rains will come soon. When I say we, I mean just about every home owner on the island. So today there is a bit of relief across St. Croix and the hope that this rain cloud will linger for a good long spell.



Anonymous Angela said...

Hello Old Friend!
I am just loving this blog. I've been sitting here scrolling through your entries for awhile now. I am amazed, yet not totally shocked at the beauty of your quilts. I love them. I knew that you were a woman of many talents, but this is just incredible!
Thank you so much for sharing your photos and commentaries on island life here. I have virtually no chance of visiting you any time soon, but I feel like I've had a taste of the tropics by reading your blog.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous maria said...

We're getting rain here too ... it's April 1 after all, so it's time for those April showers. :-)

I'm way late on this, but wanted to congratulate you on your website, which looks just great ... lots of beautiful new things there I hadn't seen before. Also wanted to extend a pat on the back (or high five) for your recent exhibits and your upcoming one-woman show. I'm sure you're quilting your little heart out. :-)

6:41 PM  

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