Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Sorry, folks, for taking so very long to get back to my blog. My internet access was down for a while and it slowed things down quite a bit.

The Maufe opening reception was a great experience. My husband Bob and I got to the gallery half hour before the showing and were just beginning to set up the wine/snack table when the first visitor arrived. A string of people followed and for most of the night, the place was packed. Some were my dear friends; others were there as part of the Art Thursday gallery walk through Christiansted, and yet others were there exclusively because they saw an article (read it here) about me in the local paper and were very curious about my work. I loved seeing that both men and women equally enjoyed the pieces.

There wasn't enough time for me to talk to everyone, but I did connect with a few interesting people, such as a documentary filmmaker. She was the last person to come in at the end of the night, and told me she rushed over after a friend, who'd been there earlier, called her and told her she must come and see the exhibit. A couple from Maine enjoyed my lemon squares and so we got to talking about tea houses in Maine and the lack of one in St. Croix, and it made me wish I had all the time/energy/resources in the world to go to the St. George Botanical Gardens and offer to open a tea house there.

A couple of days later I happened to meet a woman who was on her way to lunch with a friend and then to see my exhibit. She called me afterwards and told me that they were at the gallery for hours studying the quilts and trying to figure out how I created the pieces.

Overall, the opening of this exhibit was a fabulous experience. Each quilt looked good in its place, and the spot lights brought out the colors in the way that I had envisioned them when I first created the pieces. My friend Adele told me later that she enjoyed simply watching the people react to the quilts, and noticed that people picked a different favorite.(see follow-up article here)

The exhibit will continue until April 28. I haven't been back to the gallery, but I'll stop in soon to see how it's been going. For now, I've been home engaged in much-needed spring cleaning and brief jaunts to the beach.

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Blogger Lotus Pie said...

Hi Jamila! Just stumbled on your site (from searching "full moon st. croix" in google) and saw this post among your others. This was the night I met you! Well, thought I'd say hello and say I like your blog. Jeremy and I have a GPS now and have been geocaching a little. Superfun! Well, take care. ~Kimberly

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